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my experience is just that and so is yours

November 15, 2016

with this whole election process

there have been a myriad of opinions expressed

on social media

I get that people have different

life experiences than mine

truly I do

maybe more than others

I did not grow up in a small town

I did not stay in one place my entire life

I did not go into the military

because of my beliefs

I do not own a gun

and yet the opinions expressed

that I hear from D

all of the above seem to be leaking


the do what one has always done

the do what one is told

don’t ask questions

the us vs them

leak power and

frankly are characteristics

of patriarchy

I get it

I am not here to say I am right

I am here to do what is right for me given

my experiences

so please don’t tell me what

is right for me and mine

I don’t think I do that

I am here to express

and I think I allow that

for others

just stop




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