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November 19, 2016

set aside by custom

or law according to dictionary

and I have abided in times past times

because I could and

sometimes I could not


police and

medical people

make this sacrifice

and I did too

for many years


with my family expanding

I have grown used

to celebrating

when we meet not necessarily according

to custom and law

yet people continue to ask

according to their custom and law

what I may be doing on holidays

and when I say

they seem to pity me


the thing is

they don’t now

how I actually engage with mine

on off holidays

when they typically do not

everyday is a holiday spent

with my family and

the fact that

lines are drawn in the sand

that say I must or we must engage

at these

specific times seem constraining

and always have to me

but nevertheless

I will continue to have

these conversations

and I will continue

to spend meaningful time

outside of holidays

designated by law and custom

do as you wish






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