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standards of beauty for women

November 19, 2016

are everywhere

skin color

body shape

hair color



make up

you name it

there is a list

I have heard men

speak of these things

over the years

like in body parts naming

nice ass

are those boobs real

you are getting fat

did you lose weight

I like your hair red

or blonde

blah blah

its all out here now

with side show bob

aka the dt and

his allies

all the things I have heard

men say about me and

about other women

to my face

its out there

for naming

like national security appointee

of dt

despite the past shaming

women do it too


but to name something

actually puts it

in the spotlight

for examination

like it is not hidden

and swept under the carpet

this is always the first step

like a teacher of mine

once said

name it

claim it

and aim it

I bet men have their body


but I don’t name it for them

because I don’t give a rip

about packaging

they have to

claim it

cereal boxes can be pretty

and enticing on the outside

but the cereal inside

is mostly crap from what I have found

the way I look at this



people can change their views

but it going to take awhile

especially with media

culture continuing

to reinforce itself and force itself

on people

I can see through it now















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