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being an advocate/activist

November 22, 2016

can be exhausting

because not only

do I do this in my work to make a living

the only way I could ever conceive

of making a living

I live it

it is part of who I am

I have had to grieve

that many people dont

the people who have mostly


and  some of the people who could make

I difference that I know

in my life don’t

because of many various excuses

I don’t expect much of some people

I know anymore

I am not going there these days

with the blood suckers and the energy vampires

but I do know

a select some who are where

I am

and are here to make a difference

however small or large

the size of the contribution

does not matter

its the intention

and living the intention

to the fullest

grateful for the advocates

and activists

in my life

who continue to inspire

me to do better and greater

in this life







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