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the masked rider

November 24, 2016

I do now because I am constrained

either I ride masked

or I do not ride

flu vaccine is the constraint

in my work

I choose not to

because of my experience

and I find others riding with me

we are masked because

of  public fear

because of shaming by the powers that be

yet we ride

despite the fracking, the coal burning, the oil pipelines

and all the other forces such as flint polluted water etc

we are supposed to be responsible for illness

and in the ride

I hear stories

of other people

less constrained than i

who also do not comply with the flu vaccine and

realizing the outside forces responsible for

dis ease

and it gives me strength on my ride

and others who use

essential oils or other

herbal remedies

as I do are also on my ride

giving me strength as well

we are on this ride together

and I will not be diverted

I will ride masked

because I have to until

the powers that be change their song

or until flu season ends








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