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Inquiring minds want to know

November 30, 2016

i like astrology

i have read Linda goodmans

sun signs book

years ago until the cover

fell off

and thought

It was a prediction kinda of thing

i heard astrology dudes mostly

tell me what I ought to

be doing

the last time Jupiter was in libra

but then

they did not know me

or anything about me

or my cycle

but when I learned more about


planetary revolutions

how it relates to me

and the planets

i learned a different view

I was born on a certain day

and time

planets were there

in their own cycles

as I came into the world

and so I spin

and they spin


what was then

helps me to understand

the cycles

of my life

no babies

life is not linear

it is cyclical

and so I have learned

to see the planetary patterns

as I cycle

in my life

it is interesting

and comforting

as well as confirming

to me



is cyclical

and not linear

and from my teachers

i have learned


to figure this out

for myself

life is not predictsble

but the planets are

i don’t care about

knowing the future

i just want to feel


in the cycles

of my life




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