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the beast

December 7, 2016

has been unleashed

not my president

has been spewing rhetoric

and stirring up hatred

I have never heard with

my own ears before

in a usa election

well except

George Wallace and others

south governing

but never in presidential

its always covert language

yet I have read of

other historically in other countries leaderships


have gone explicit

not covert

yet now

thinking he is already in power

not my president


and reports he

wants common ground

I don’t buy it

its not unlike

domestic abusers

who abuse others

and then

they say they are sorry

then they go and do it again

and he has surrounded

himself with people

who also spew hate

and rhetoric

who have never allied

themselves with anyone

who is not like themselves

not my president is

responsible for unleashing the beast

of white nationalism

on a national scale

that he will deny

denial is after all

a coping mechanism

but not much use to us

we in the grassroots

will organize




and speak for

the majority

good luck dudes

you got a long

row to hoe








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