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A lot going on

December 12, 2016

Yeah my work


just my job

but I suspect it

will be impacted by

not my president

who in fact has

not really been elected


i am not defined

by it



i do suspect

that there

are drastic changes

that will be tried

by not my president

one man

and his cronies

do not outweigh

the masses of people

I know who are

engaged for the masses

of people

we may not be a seemless


but then

when has that

ever happened

i see alliances

based on common cause

and need

I see

people who really

are in their tiny worlds

and perhaps

thinking not

until it happens

then it’s a scramble

for them

i choose to be aware

and cognizant

making my choices

not trying

to support

crumbling structures

or structures

that are outdated

its not easy


but like it

has been said

by whatever means

necessary and

i have been

down this road before


with backup now

not into conspiracy ideations

just being a realist

and being prepared

no guns involved

ideas and words

are more powerful

among people




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