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when was death accepted

January 11, 2017

i don’t know
i have read some that
says first nation people and
gatherers, hunters have always understood
my grandpa was a hunter
he was not a big game hunter
he grew up in city Philadelphia and
roamed where ever ( he is my grandpa alright)
he camped in places where there are developments
he hunted rabbits and such
he learned how to use a bow and arrow
and hunted turkey and some others
he told me about the cabin he went to
with his friends since whenever
every november
they drink whiskey, play cards, eat and hunt
every year
and he said he would hunt then because there
was no food for the elk
that’s the story
he would never be there
at thanksgiving
but i did not care
he was a nature dude
like i think a man of the
earth who respected
animals and the earth
and respected himself and others
a tall list to live up to these
when people can never die
there are no cycles
animals even peoples
are throw aways
people are way out of touch
with death and dying
its like people throw away
a lot on many levels
happy new moon
to be 1/12/17
loving its the sign cancer
i am a triple cancer gal
lots going on



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