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confronting ignorance and the echo chamber

January 16, 2017

the point of conversation
to me is
I don’t know
In all the
I know everything
mentality that
seems to exist these days

the branding
and commanding
thout shall
coming from HUMANS

its pretty weird
and I don’t understand
where people get this
idea that they
know it all

or that we have to
aspire to know it all
oh please

who do you think
you all really are
I mean really
are you all god
only YOU
maybe for only you
ever think about that

I might have bought
that line
at one time
but now
Its about me
I save my heart
I don’t spend
a lot on people
who just SAY

asking questions
not ms know it all
and if you all really
do know
go tell someone else

I got a life to live



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