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January 17, 2017

the shit show of death
people like to make a show
of death
like trying to make a persons
life mean something
they are dead

to me
their life is worth celebrating
while alive

and if people can only celebrate
in death so be it
like she or he was such an inspiration
like did you say this while
this person was alive
like they touched so many
well that’s good
was it not in the moment
that this happened for the person
and all the people they touched

I have never really been
into death to impress
I realize some people
need to have their loved
ones recognized for whatever

homeless people and people
without families die
and touch people in their lives
without a lot of hoopla at end of life
or even in their lives

when I die
I will know
I have done right
by myself mine
and all the people
I have ever had the pleasure
to meet

I don’t need accolades
I try and live my life
as if my moments are my last
don’t cry for me
don’t put me on a pedestal
just honor me with a party for
that is good enough for me
death happens

I got my own view



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