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forcing space and time to conform to your expectations

January 19, 2017

is futile
do you hear me
it is futile

I grew up in this kind of patriarchal thinking
patterns and lifestyle
and unfortunately still
have to engage with my family of origin
society and culture at times
who still do this dance

like a person has an idea or
something they want to happen
and they will do anything to make it so
by force if necessary

oh honey
I have seen the aftermath
of the ideas or what people
really want to happen
rarely does on their timeline
or by their standards
but they don’t see it
they truly think they are in control

and are disappointed or angry when
it does not work out after all their
so sad

because I have learned a new way
a way to allow for time and space
to create what I want

like I might have an idea that
I want to create going somewhere
that I actually have to do
but I let go of the force
like it has to look a certain way
or happen in a certain timeline
much of the time
I am gifted with the flexibility of
time and space
and it happens with ease
and grace

I learned the more I force
and try to live in the patriarchy mode
or according to others who live this way
the less I can create
the less happier I am

bah to the old
and in with the new
matriarchy and flow of things
and life

as the saying goes one can force a horse to water
but you cannot make them drink



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