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run for the hills

January 30, 2017

It has been a tumultuous time for me
in the past few months
not just personally
but culturally and socially
the personal is the political
so that goes in the mash as well
the past week was
tipping point
it seems
for some
the many
I think
I have experienced and seen and heard
things I have heard before
but it seems loud and large now
I cant do that anymore
the womens march and a lot of
the activism and advocacy I see
hear and know is going on
I could make a list but hopefully people
are getting to know
it may look small
it may look not inclusive
it may look a lot of ways
I don’t personally like
but if it is in alignment with
my ideals and ethics
I can try and view
it that way
I got my view along
with my others
when one kind of people
try and control
a lot of other people
including me
my tendency is to run
for the hills
re examining what that actually means
in activism for me
I am not a die hard kinda person
the literal words saying alot
we are all defined by our experiences



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  1. Emily Fern Dayton permalink

    Thank you for your expressive thoughts on activities and change. I am totally with you sister!

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