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river and ocean

February 11, 2017

after death ritual
and desert landscape
so welcoming
to me
I am a water baby
that I gave myself this
is good
I am not always good
at giving back to myself
I love watching the ocean waters
they are not restrained
by anything
they are free
to express in their waves
or in their calm
in the waves rising
and ebbing
the foam
the life they support
I saw sea lions floating
trying to navigate
but maybe not
maybe just trying to find food
and a pelican
all water babies
though they are different
I am not a desert person
I like my water
water is life to me
without it
some life disappears
letting go of death
though one can never really
let it go
it appears everywhere
but I can let go of the
and dream
of water as a metaphor
of creation
and creating more
tiny molecules
of water come together
and form waves
that are powerful
they have the power to create
or destroy
they don’t have an agenda



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