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February 14, 2017

people like their stuff
it is only stuff
perhaps it has meaning
in a moment in time
like my dad bought an
encyclopedia when I was 5 or 6
and still has it
now letting it go
do people let go of their stuff
some never do and they
die and their stuff
is left to their decedents
to dispose of
I get it
my sister died and had closets
full of clothes
and lots of other things
my mom had a lot of jewelry
and clothes
my mom and dad both have had
a lot of books
I understand
I do
I have seen many
in similar situations
and some with stuff
and no one to even
go through it
because they are alone
no family
I choose to disperse my
stuff from time to time
If I have not used it
or worn it
it goes in at least 6 months time
I choose to not have a lot
of stuff
because to me it is meaningless
stuff is stuff
we or I
use it and then
it is not useful
and to me just a burden
sure I still have my sons
now men drawings and writings
only some from their younger days
I have a lot of photos
I have a lot of plants
but not much burden
in terms of just stuff
filling a space
that could be used
for something else
for me
being not in a big
but in a
1 bedroom apartment
that suits me just fine
my relationships
are worth far more
than my stuff
think about it
and there are places
to take you stuff
other then the landfill
and I have learned this
from my friends
there are schools
that really may like your
there may be places that
would like your good clothes
so people can wear them
to have a job interview
there may be people
who have been homeless
that need dishes
and housewares
you get to choose
I am ongoing
and If you are clueless
about where to donate
there are always the standard
I am not here to educate you
step by step
that is up to you to
take care of your stuff



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