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evidenced based ethnocentrism

February 16, 2017

been thinking about the concepts of ethnocentrism
and evidence based
in my realm of healthcare
it could be expanded
and me with my Jupiter in libra
I can do this
but for this post I
will confine it
I see the trend
in healthcare of evidence based
it is outcome oriented
because of dollars
and this is the way now
so sad
because it in my mind
it excludes a lot
of people
being who they are
in the aspect of ethnocentrism
it is looking through the
eye of a needle
people looking
do they even know
about gender
about culture
others religious beliefs
about other ways
that people have
that have been tried
and true for them
do they even bother
to ask the questions
that may give them
indications on what to do
most of the time
I see that not
I see forced decisions
from evidenced based culture
which to me is
like you get
to tell people
what their experience
not even knowing them
and you get to decide
what treatments
work best for them
from your point of view
this is a false
perspective of healing
in my 30 plus
years I have learned
to listen
and to allow for
what works for people
if its evidenced based
or not
what do I know about
what works for an individual
they know themselves
more than I do
I think this is also
based on my experience
in healthcare
it has not been positive
I do my own
I seek out healing
when I think I need
I don’t go to doctors
to tell me what I need
to do
I have my own plan
that has worked
for me thus far
don’t tell me
I get the people I work
they just are following
the system
I have learned
my own
and respect others
who do the same
I wish more people
in healthcare
would be respectful
just saying
there may be no
evidence to my process
but it works for me



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