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March 16, 2017

the word is
what does it really mean
its not mine to own
but I read it and hear it
it has become a buzzword
but in my life
I see it means
being aware
like woke up
I see many people
in my life all the time
I have no idea who they are
I walk in
and have to splain
a program
I do for work
not knowing much going in
many times
I have no idea
what I am walking into
not much information
so I go
with who I am with
who people are
what their needs are
not being colorblind
or culturally unaware
though I probably have bias
we all do
mostly mine is the haves and foofey
because I have
done this work
for decades
it not about me
I learn all the time
trying to be woke
like its not just about
me and the program
and I know the program is
a loaded phrase
it is about the people
I meet and trying
to make a connection
without selling
and listening
to what is said
and what people want
in my life
I am clearly different
but some the same
I get to advocate
in perhaps a more
radical way
because less constraints
and if people say
they are woke
well I have quite a few
and if they cant
or don’t know how to listen
they are not
and if people trying
to make a story of their wokeness
I am wary
woke is not a state of being
I think it is
a practice



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