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March 17, 2017

what does that mean
the idea is a stranger
to me now
babies and children
and even some adults like
even with my children
there was and was not
a routine
it is safe
it is known
yet outside there is
not that
there is always
change and unknown
babies and children
the routine changes
and life changes
I did not have a routine
life growing up
so perhaps
I understand it better than most
I happened
to meet a person
a mother of grown
who told me
my story through hers
like my mother
in an essence
like her children
went to 3 different
schools in a year
it was comforting
to see in the mirror
of my mother
she was grateful
her children were
who they are now
just because
one does not follow
routine does not mean
children and babies or adults
will suffer
they grow and learn
in it sometimes
and it can be difficult
and she acknowledged this
where my mother never
I felt like everything was not wonderful
is a impediment
to understanding
peoples lives
and how it happens
for them
I understand
and I understand
peoples lives who are
not routine
for whatever reason
i don’t get stuck
in any
peoples anything
it is all good
I get it and sometimes not
can you



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