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the word

March 21, 2017

is out
maybe because its the middle
of pluto in Capricorn
the sign of responsibility
in the larger planet
and so the larger picture
all I know is
the marginalized people
are becoming informed
as a mass
in part due to faster avenues
of information
and connection
the patriarchy
that has gotten rich
off of the marginalized
is now fully
on display
in all its ugliness
and injustice
there is
going back
only forward
the lies
are full frontal
and cannot be ignored
or erased
why would people
who know the truth
of living in a hell hole
want to stay there
and perpetuate it
people are finding
their voices
and uniting
for something better
not for the patriarchy
but for all of
the oppressed
it is messy
and change is messy
it is not pretty and
as some would
have us be lie ve
we have never
done this before
we are going down
a new
into the unknown
and I am good
at this
so I am comfortable
in it
others not so much
and that is ok
the patriarchy
will not
what is about
to come down
the road
waves and waves
and waves
exciting times
for some of us
I have no doubt



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