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the mystery

March 27, 2017

is not magical thinking
it IS for me
I don’t have to google
in fact
google is always suspect
with me
in terms of
who and what group is
with the information
they provide
I digress
I have witnessed the mystery
many times
I take the experience(s)
as a gift
every time
though sometimes
there may be fog
whether it is timing
such as being late
or too early
missing a flight
an event
or watching
a spider
a squirrel
looking at a tree
a baby wondering at its fingers
or being stuck in traffic
and seeing a rainbow
or being at a place and
seeing and intervening
it can be and look like
many experiences
trying to be present
in life
and not have rose colored glasses
and also not to explain
or qualify
my experiences and POV
because there is a lot
of that going down
these days
and because I have seen the mystery
does not deter me in my cultural and societal
duties on this earth
its not about magical thinking



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