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the invitation

April 2, 2017

I was invited to go to church
I haven’t been to church in a long
except for a couple recent family
I am a recovering catholic
and so those experiences
have been triggering for me
I have been to other
churches before
all were with a person
at the head or a leader
and the people following
all white people

so today when I actually was
preparing to go to the new church
I was nervous
I did not know what
to expect
my friend put my mind at ease
and knowing her
I thought it would
be a good experience
it was

it was a small group
no icons or elaborate environment
it was simple
people welcomed me
there was singing
and reading from the bible
yet I did not feel triggered
by the he’s and the him’s
and the use of the word father
because the leaders were all
people in the multicultural congregation
and it was women and men

I did not feel like
I was being talked down to
or lectured to
or belittled
people did not have to be silent
they could and did speak
when moved to do so
and were able to move their bodies
it was a given
there were respected moments of silence
people came up and shared
their stories of faith
and their experiences
of trials and tribulations
it made me cry
maybe a healing of sorts

there was a communion
it was served but not served
people got to pick from a silver platter
then we all waited until everyone
had their bread and juice
and we broke bread together

I am glad I accepted
the invitation today
I learned I can get the message
despite some of the language
because it was delivered
by the many
and not the few



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