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May 7, 2017

respect is
it ought to be if not
this country was founded on
a lack of respect
people came here
wanting respect and freedom
and instead disrespected
the people here
as well as the earth animal
and plants
remember women and children
were chattel in that time
so it was the white European
dudes in power
lacking direction
In this lack of respect
people were imported as
commodities to do labor
whatever the white dudes
in control said
I don’t think much has changed
in real life
white dudes in control continuing to disrespect
the earth
the women
other people who come
to seek refuge
as well as the people who were
here first
and people who
don’t conform to
the white dude norm
its not sustainable
and if they are not concerned
they ought to be
because its going to be their
pants on fire someday
peoples and lands are not commodities
to be exploited for
monetary gain
and white dude whims
the masses demand respect



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