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death, people and personal experiences..

May 30, 2017

don’t translate into the larger picture
people live in their tiny worlds
I get it
I experience it daily
even in my work in death and dying
no one really relates
to the larger picture
of grief and death
in society
with regards to children
or gender
its like
oh this person died
I am sad
yes I get sad too
but I get angry
at systems that
support killing by
the white male super
be it by poisoning water
people working in less than
supportable work
desecrating peoples lands
not providing health
cultural and societal assistance
when needed
you on your on babies
is what is fed to us
and people believe it
we are interdependent
and I don’t buy
well its all on a person
in death or in life
others have a different view
because they do
I see patterns
I see the smaller and the larger
when people wake up
they will see it too
they might be dead by then
not my problem
I dont
do unpaid labor
I just walk my talk
for real



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