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June 23, 2017

this is a word
lets take it down a bunch of notches
people have their
interpretations of the word
I am done looking to dictionary terms
that are obscure and obsolete
there is a lot of hype around this word
coming from mostly people
outside of
the realm of living
in the whole
people who focus on physical pleasure
people who focus on mental pleasure
and people who focus on emotional pleasure
people are weird and so are words
some people have no emotions
or don’t express
some people are not in their bodies some people
don’t think much
the opposite can be true
and even across the board
and with engaging
when people are aware
I have learned
they don’t care so much
for the words
they do what
they do
its them
it gives
them pleasure
or whatever
there is no definition of this word to
me except in the moment
I eat ice cream
or play with babies
or hike in the forest
see a flower
it does not have to look any particular
stop trying



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