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the continental divide

July 25, 2017

I am not speaking of the geographical
though I might as well use it as a metaphor
the continent and the islands
are divided geographically
the nation as a whole
seems to be divided according
to geography
but is this the reason
for the division in the country
I cannot say
I have lived in many places
and traveled through more
my gap is the middle of the country
I meet people from many places
I try and listen to where people
have been
their roots so to speak
I understand that culture is not
just hey hey
it is more than that
I also encounter people
who have lived in the same
space geographically and
in it culturally
and it seems to me
that people get entrenched
and cannot see beyond their noses
not judging
but observing
I am an observer
my question is how
do we bridge the
hank hills- an expression
from a childhood friend
with the natives of this country
with the farmers
with people who think they know it all
with the tech dudes
with the nurses
with people in prison
with the children
with women
with people who are white
with people who are not white
with other genders
with the teachers
with landowners
I don’t think there
will ever be a bridge
with the rich
though I may be wrong
it seems a lot divided now
and just have to ask the question
for me right now
it is about learning
not being entrenched
and being open to new people
and ideas
I may not always agree
but at least I can listen
can you
or are you too busy talking
if so sew up your ears
I am not here to make you all better
it takes a village



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