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law and order

July 27, 2017

Is a male construct
meant to keep other people
in a place that can be controlled
it can be on the streets
it can be in the workplace
it can be in the home
it can be in schools
and it can be in churches
rules and regulations
that most time make no sense
the chaotic nature
of women and children
it looks like
a prison
it looks like
domestic violence
it looks like harassment
it looks like rape
it looks like ignoring
peoples needs and concerns
and sometimes it looks
like death for some people
the universe is
not an orderly place
one cannot control or order the moon
to show up
the wind to come
or when the stars
how babies grow
unless they are being grandiose
its time to change
the language and
in it the construct
of they way things
seem to be ordered
right now
on it and
I am not
the only one
we are stepping into our



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