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there was a time

July 29, 2017

when I trusted people
it was different times
than now
its harsh
people are not who they
systems have grown
with no regard
for anyone
I don’t understand
I see its about power and control
it was when I was younger
but its magnified a bazillion fold
what gives
I mean
what are people expecting
in outcomes
joy is not included
in the mix as far as I can see
sex is magnified a bazillion fold
for men mostly
its like devoid of humanness now
like brushing their teeth
what happened
to connection
what happened to
verbal communication
and just sitting
and spacing out
what happened
to people
helping people
its a new world
and I don’t like it
a lot of hate
and utilizing
people as minds
and bodies
words mean nothing
I am not in it
just observing
if this is the future
well sad for you all
that never knew
words being truth
helping people
and being in your bodies
I trust myself
and my own now
do people even know
what trust means anymore
I doubt it
its up to you



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