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churches and temples are locked

August 1, 2017

they were not always
I recall when I felt I needed to go to a church
I felt in despair
it was many decades ago
I thought the doors
were open
but they were locked
this was my first look at
I felt locked out
like the church was supposed
to be a place of solitude and
it was in my younger days
but on this day
I learned
the church
was there for the church
and not the people
it continues to this day
I always thought that churches
were there for solitude
sanctuary and guidance
I was misled
I sought out other places
of refuge over time
including spiritual groups
temples and these too
were locked for the most part
the people were misguided
and only there
for self gratification
I learned to practice on my own
I learned that god does not
reside anywhere but everywhere
I learned that god is my guide
and has my back and that everyday
is a miracle
everyday is a chance for me to grow
and change
I learned that outside people and circumstances
are just that
they cant sway me on my path
though they try
I have learned to find refuge
in myself with god as my guide
I don’t need a congregation
or pastor or priest to say
I am wrong or right
I know intrinsically
alotta people make money off
this and they made money off me
I am saving this money for the good
that I can do for myself now
remembering I have to put the oxygen
mask on first while flying then I can
help others
and I do
because that is my nature
others not so much
and happy I can see the difference
its not like a church can lock me out
of god anymore than anyone else can
people like and want churches and temples
and spiritual communities
me not so much
do what you want
and I will too



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