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doing a mic check of sorts

August 4, 2017

there is a lot to unpack for not white dudes
these days
tech is on my mind and their
I don’t think people
the dudes are in it to make things
they are in it for the money
and they disguise it under free speech
its is all a sham
as far as I can tell
facebook will ban a black women
for reporting hate speech and they
ban her for reporting hate responses
mostly racial but in gender too
but they are all for free speech
how does this make sense
google, facebook and other tech
are trying to block a bill
that will protect women on backpage
from people trafficking
siting free speech
the only free speech that is happening
is for white dudes trying
to disrupt
womens and POC equality
and make money off of them as well
oh honey
you have no idea of
what you are up against
making stepford babies
engineering dna
so your creations can withstand
toxic environments
because of your earthly extractions and pollution
its without heart
do you even have hearts
I don’t think so
go to burning man
and I hope kali is there
to burn the camp
you think you have earthly power
you have no idea
what is coming down the road
I do

peace and fuck off


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