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I wish there were more people here to be real

August 7, 2017

its not my experience a lot
its more people into their own stuff
and trying to sell me on it
social media
I know some are
I am not here to
sell anything
or make friends
social media is
a way to gather peoples
and then steal ideas
or put people in a box
based on perceptions
so one can sell
their view
or make the peoples
views into something
else so people can congregate
around it
I am honest
I say it for real
I am not into
a lot of foof
or trying to make me
I have been down the
spiritual road
the cultural road
the political road
and the society road
I am going down my
own road
the road that
I have cultivated
through experience
it does not look special to you
because from my experience
everyone thinks
their road is special
my road is not to you
it is mine
don’t tell me where
I need to go
I will find it
I am not lost
you are then go find your
if you want help go to it
I am not here as
a sage or a guide
people are so into that now
these times are trying
I go inside
not outside



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