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single payer healthcare

August 9, 2017

was first proposed by a woman
Hillary Clinton
and all said wtf
and now
now Bernie sanders is touting
a white man
I have doubts
I think a universal health system
is in order
but how does this happen
sanders thinks its about forming
political alliances
vs a universal program that
works for all
as a woman
I am not willing to compromise
knowing the system inside out
I started working at a county hospital
as a new grad and I was uninsured
as were all nurses there
women and others had
pre existing conditions
just because of gender or disease
it was a different time
before IDC codes
and payers I mean medicare Medicaid and
government people who had no idea
indicating lengths of stays and care
the ACA changed it
for me and women and for other folks
in terms of coverage but then they all got stingy
on lengths of stays and time spent with patients
so sanders are you willing to make
alliances just to make a name
for yourself and the white
male left revolution
which to me is no different than
the alt right
and leave out people
who have traditionally
been disparaged
this idea of single payer
is only as good as the people it serves
and there needs to be a conversation
a broad spectrum one
I am not in and I know others who think the same
I am not a fool
its about real life
not perspectives
and its complicated
and now there are going to be
publicized scores
it sounds like yelp
for healthcare systems
thanks tech dudes
like a score equals
quality care
that people will do



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