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Effort, whose counts most

December 17, 2017

I have questions
Women have made efforts as well as POC, LGBTQ
And it seems in the current climate
This is a given
It is not
I will not give my effort
I will give when i give
Most dudes will not too worried about $$ and status
And some blind
Like dude flying to Paris because he so important
The Richie rich clan mind
I have seen the kudos on effort
Go to the male kind
Even recently
It is appalling considering
The amount of work women do
Behind the scenes
I don’t try and appease the male ego
I try and heal myself and
Work on my strategy and
Less effort
Because that’s what
Dudes do
But they don’t do the healing
And that will be their downfall
No one is invincible
And the systems created
By dudes are not
But maybe dudes have to fall
To get it
So be it
With my sisters



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