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I wish there were more people here to be real

its not my experience a lot
its more people into their own stuff
and trying to sell me on it
social media
I know some are
I am not here to
sell anything
or make friends
social media is
a way to gather peoples
and then steal ideas
or put people in a box
based on perceptions
so one can sell
their view
or make the peoples
views into something
else so people can congregate
around it
I am honest
I say it for real
I am not into
a lot of foof
or trying to make me
I have been down the
spiritual road
the cultural road
the political road
and the society road
I am going down my
own road
the road that
I have cultivated
through experience
it does not look special to you
because from my experience
everyone thinks
their road is special
my road is not to you
it is mine
don’t tell me where
I need to go
I will find it
I am not lost
you are then go find your
if you want help go to it
I am not here as
a sage or a guide
people are so into that now
these times are trying
I go inside
not outside


the word porn

i think it came from objectifying
now its expanded
into food
and anything
a man can think of objectifying
I don’t use it
tech dudes
grow up
and women well
I have no words
if you are trying to fit
its gross
women who don’t support
women earn a special place in hell
i don’t recall who said it


doing a mic check of sorts

there is a lot to unpack for not white dudes
these days
tech is on my mind and their
I don’t think people
the dudes are in it to make things
they are in it for the money
and they disguise it under free speech
its is all a sham
as far as I can tell
facebook will ban a black women
for reporting hate speech and they
ban her for reporting hate responses
mostly racial but in gender too
but they are all for free speech
how does this make sense
google, facebook and other tech
are trying to block a bill
that will protect women on backpage
from people trafficking
siting free speech
the only free speech that is happening
is for white dudes trying
to disrupt
womens and POC equality
and make money off of them as well
oh honey
you have no idea of
what you are up against
making stepford babies
engineering dna
so your creations can withstand
toxic environments
because of your earthly extractions and pollution
its without heart
do you even have hearts
I don’t think so
go to burning man
and I hope kali is there
to burn the camp
you think you have earthly power
you have no idea
what is coming down the road
I do

peace and fuck off

churches and temples are locked

they were not always
I recall when I felt I needed to go to a church
I felt in despair
it was many decades ago
I thought the doors
were open
but they were locked
this was my first look at
I felt locked out
like the church was supposed
to be a place of solitude and
it was in my younger days
but on this day
I learned
the church
was there for the church
and not the people
it continues to this day
I always thought that churches
were there for solitude
sanctuary and guidance
I was misled
I sought out other places
of refuge over time
including spiritual groups
temples and these too
were locked for the most part
the people were misguided
and only there
for self gratification
I learned to practice on my own
I learned that god does not
reside anywhere but everywhere
I learned that god is my guide
and has my back and that everyday
is a miracle
everyday is a chance for me to grow
and change
I learned that outside people and circumstances
are just that
they cant sway me on my path
though they try
I have learned to find refuge
in myself with god as my guide
I don’t need a congregation
or pastor or priest to say
I am wrong or right
I know intrinsically
alotta people make money off
this and they made money off me
I am saving this money for the good
that I can do for myself now
remembering I have to put the oxygen
mask on first while flying then I can
help others
and I do
because that is my nature
others not so much
and happy I can see the difference
its not like a church can lock me out
of god anymore than anyone else can
people like and want churches and temples
and spiritual communities
me not so much
do what you want
and I will too


there was a time

when I trusted people
it was different times
than now
its harsh
people are not who they
systems have grown
with no regard
for anyone
I don’t understand
I see its about power and control
it was when I was younger
but its magnified a bazillion fold
what gives
I mean
what are people expecting
in outcomes
joy is not included
in the mix as far as I can see
sex is magnified a bazillion fold
for men mostly
its like devoid of humanness now
like brushing their teeth
what happened
to connection
what happened to
verbal communication
and just sitting
and spacing out
what happened
to people
helping people
its a new world
and I don’t like it
a lot of hate
and utilizing
people as minds
and bodies
words mean nothing
I am not in it
just observing
if this is the future
well sad for you all
that never knew
words being truth
helping people
and being in your bodies
I trust myself
and my own now
do people even know
what trust means anymore
I doubt it
its up to you


law and order

Is a male construct
meant to keep other people
in a place that can be controlled
it can be on the streets
it can be in the workplace
it can be in the home
it can be in schools
and it can be in churches
rules and regulations
that most time make no sense
the chaotic nature
of women and children
it looks like
a prison
it looks like
domestic violence
it looks like harassment
it looks like rape
it looks like ignoring
peoples needs and concerns
and sometimes it looks
like death for some people
the universe is
not an orderly place
one cannot control or order the moon
to show up
the wind to come
or when the stars
how babies grow
unless they are being grandiose
its time to change
the language and
in it the construct
of they way things
seem to be ordered
right now
on it and
I am not
the only one
we are stepping into our


the continental divide

I am not speaking of the geographical
though I might as well use it as a metaphor
the continent and the islands
are divided geographically
the nation as a whole
seems to be divided according
to geography
but is this the reason
for the division in the country
I cannot say
I have lived in many places
and traveled through more
my gap is the middle of the country
I meet people from many places
I try and listen to where people
have been
their roots so to speak
I understand that culture is not
just hey hey
it is more than that
I also encounter people
who have lived in the same
space geographically and
in it culturally
and it seems to me
that people get entrenched
and cannot see beyond their noses
not judging
but observing
I am an observer
my question is how
do we bridge the
hank hills- an expression
from a childhood friend
with the natives of this country
with the farmers
with people who think they know it all
with the tech dudes
with the nurses
with people in prison
with the children
with women
with people who are white
with people who are not white
with other genders
with the teachers
with landowners
I don’t think there
will ever be a bridge
with the rich
though I may be wrong
it seems a lot divided now
and just have to ask the question
for me right now
it is about learning
not being entrenched
and being open to new people
and ideas
I may not always agree
but at least I can listen
can you
or are you too busy talking
if so sew up your ears
I am not here to make you all better
it takes a village